D.F. Maisey Muzzle Brakes


‘Gunsmith – ready’ muzzlebrake models

Tresamax muzzle brake, Gunsmith Ready  Tresamax ®

Quatromax muzzle brake - AR15/AR10 special model  Quatromax ®

Megamax muzzle brake  Megamax ®

Varimax QC muzzle brake  Varimax®-QC

Megamax Sako Tikka special model  Megamax® Sako/Tikka special model

Megamax Sako Tikka special model  Megamax® Blaser special model

  Megamax® Tactical special model

  SuperMax™ Large 6 chamber design

‘No Gunsmithing’ muzzlebrake models

Quatromax Blaser R93  Quatromax® Blaser R93 & R8 special models

Quatromax AR15/AR10 special model  Quatromax® AR15/AR10 special models


  •   Quatromax – Custom order, pre-tapered at rear and bored for specific calibre and thread size to fit gunsmith-threaded or other factory threaded rifle muzzles. ( Some ⌀0.921″ or ⌀0.946″ diameter options also.)

Megamax Quicktime kit  Megamax – Quicktime kit

Tresamax Sleeve kit  Tresamax®, Varimax®-QC sleeve & shim kits