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Product info & thread sizes available

Available thread sizes:

∅7/8″ Tresamax® and Quatromax®: – ½-20, ½-28, M14x1.0mm, 9/16-24, M15x1.0mm, 5/8-24, M17x1.0mm, M18x1.0mm

∅1¼” Megamax®:- all above threads, plus ¾-28, M20x1.0mm, and 7/8-28.

∅7/8″ Varimax®-QC: – ½-20, ½-28, M14x1.0mm, 9/16-24, M15x1.0mm, 5/8-24, M17x1.0mm, M18x1.0mm

(Also, special model to suit Sako TRG and Tikka factory-threaded rifles M18x1.0mm – please specify calibre when ordering and your muzzlebrake will be custom-machined for correct bullet clearance. Megamax® or Quatromax® only)

  • All DFM muzzlebrakes feature an internal shoulder, so muzzlebrake can be seated either in the conventional manner to pull up tight on the ‘shoulder’, or on the muzzle/nose (actually the best method). This permits the gunsmith to use the maximum thread size possible for the diameter of barrel at the muzzle. This provides better strength, less chance of barrel stretching (due to unnecessary over-tightening by rough operators), and less chance of the barrel-bore enlarging under the threaded section at the muzzle (common problem on button-rifled barrels).
  • The bore of all (unfitted) DFM brakes as supplied to customers is ∅0.256″ (∅6.5mm), which is fine for .224cal clearance. This bore hole must be opened up to approximately 0.030″ over bullet diameter by the installing gunsmith, and in such a way that it is perfectly in-line and concentric with the rifle barrel-bore.
  • Tresamax®, Megamax® and Varimax®-QC muzzle brakes must be ‘indexed’ to a correct rotational alignment point.  To assist the gunsmith, a shallow index mark is machined at the 180 degree (Bottom-Dead-Centre) position. This mark can later be polished off, or in most cases where the rear-most 10mm is tapered down to meet the barrel, this mark will be consequentially removed anyway.
  • Some selected custom brake options/variations available. For example: ∅0.921″ and ∅0.945″ Quatromax or Tresamax brakes may be available in some thread sizes only.
  • Retail price of muzzlebrakes listed on the prices page Click Here.  Freight costs additional, as are fitting costs and GST (sales tax) for NZ customers (additional 15%).
  • If we are supplying the muzzlebrake only then it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that it is fitted correctly to their rifle by a qualified or competent gunsmith.

~ Registered designs ~ NZ & International patents pending ~ © Copyright – D.F. Maisey 2012 & 2013, all rights reserved. Compared with others of equivalent length and size, these are the most efficient compact muzzlebrakes ever to hit the market – bar none. More new developments to follow soon…

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