Testimonials for DFM Muzzle Brakes

We have produced hundreds of our high quality, world-leading muzzle brakes, and supplied them to local and international customers who have overwhelmingly been satisfied and amazed at just how well they work, especially compared with other products that they may have used previously. Here is a small selection of the email feedback that we typically receive from our valued customers:


Sir, you have an outstanding product, I am using [the Megamax] on a 308 and am totally pleased. I enjoy the recoil reduction and minimal disturbance of sight-picture. Thank you for taking the time to develop such and outstanding product. Also, I just like the way it looks!

D. D., Texas, USA.


Dear Sir,
I got MEGAMAX for my AR15. I compared it with my existing compensators JP, Miculek, Grizzly and very advanced Italian compensator (JP mixture and Arredondo). I can say with confidence that the best is MEGAMAX . I did not even have holes for Verlaine settings. I just opened it up to 70 degrees to the right . Recoil is minimal. Slip trunk absent. Two shots with hands on 50 meters with a split of 0.15 seconds in the fly target at a distance of 3-5 centimeters . I IPSC shooter and I know how to do it is important to re- fast accurate shot (we shoot at each cardboard target twice). Megamax allowed to do it very effectively. Thank you very much ! I want to order you another one for my second MEGAMAX rifle AR15!
With best regards,

V. I., Moscow, RUSSIA.


Hi Dean, much has happened since I received the Megamax brake. It has been fitted to my Mark 5 Weatherby 7mm Magnum and I am so excited with the awesome recoil reduction. I thought the noise level would be major and bought grade 5, 32 db earmuffs and military double ended earplugs to wear inside the earmuffs. Either on their own are MORE than enough and I am wondering whether there has been ANY increase in Db level at all? Have you any stats on noise levels before and after?? Once again thank you Dean, the results are way above expected and very exciting.

I. J., Western Australia, AUSTRALIA.

Megamax (Sako special model - M18x1.0mm thread)

Thank You very much for the muzzlebreak it works perfectly! It shoots like 22cal. now! As my father has a same blaser LRS2. 308 but suited for a left handed I would like to buy for him a Quatromax ∅7/8″ radial-ported muzzlebrake with M18x1.0mm standard thread. Please send my the invoice and it will be paid as previous. Best regards

J. W., Poznan, POLAND.

Quatromax (AR15 special model)

[The Muzzle brake for AR-15] arrived Friday the 16th. It is very good looking piece to be added to my gun. I haven’t got a chance to shoot with it yet, but by the looks I expect nothing short of awesome!.. Thanks again Dean. I have already been spreading the word around about your breaks to all the gun guys at my shop. This has been the best customer service I have received in a very long time. I will definitely be doing more business with you in the future.

J. M., Texas, USA.


Hi Dean,
I have just transferred money into your account . Sorry for the delay but only just got back from a ten day trip to Stewart Island.  Thanks for your great work, and developing such a high quality and efficient product.

T. R., Waimate, NZ.


Hi Dean,
Thanks very much for the work you did on my 300 Win Mag, I was very impressed with the effect of the muzzle break. When sighting the rifle in I could have happily laid there and shot it all day!
Kind Regards,

B. M., Christchurch, NZ.


Hi Dean
I have only been able to fire my rifle last weekend with the muzzle break we have been busy at work and I haven’t been able to get out. Anyway the muzzle break is awesome, the rifle is shooting well at 200 and 400 m. Even with the break turned off I can’t believe how much the recoil is reduced. Thanks a lot and I’ll definitely recommend that break to some of my mate’s. I’m heading down south next week so hopefully I’ll get on to some animals and try it out.
Thanks again

J. T., Pahiatua, NZ.

Quatromax (Blaser R93 special model)

Bonjour, I received my parcel yesterday.
I would like to thank you for the good transaction and your honesty and your seriousness in your work. Thank you very much,

M. C., Menton, FRANCE.

Quatromax (Blaser R93 special model)

Now I have tried it out. Very satisfied how the Quatromax performs, the recoil is the same as with the muzzle break from blaser but with the Quatromax the barrel is not jumping up and down and that is exactly what I’m after, the precision with the Quatromax is much better than with the blaser, this will be a very good rifle for the driven hunts in Sweden :. Thank you very much for the Quatromax and I will show it for my friends and let them try it and hopefully some of them is contacting you for a Quatromax for their own rifle!  I will send you some pictures later this season when we start our driven hunts. All the best

M. K., Helsingborg, SWEDEN.


Good morning Dean.
I spent Saturday at the range trying out the Quatromax. I am slack-jawed at how good it is. The best way I know how to describe the difference is: Unbraked 7mm Rem Mag = 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. Quatromax installed = tickle fight with a three year old girl. I simply cannot believe the difference. Your videos showed over 70% recoil reduction; my day at the range tells me that’s correct. By way of comparison, my buddy brought his Sig Sauer AR-10. We both agreed my rifle had significantly less recoil than his semi-auto. Kudos for developing such an effective brake.

M. S., Texas, USA.